Applique digitizing is a fantastic technique for adding uniqueness and elegance to garments. It is one of the most popular and in-demand artworks for decorating t-shirts, bags, shirts, apparel, and other decorative items. Digitizing applique is a work of art created by our talented artists.

With Epcot Digitizing’s applique digitizing services, you can add opulence and style to your wardrobe. We use applique designs for embroidery machines that guarantee you the utmost satisfaction to further enhance your experience of making the perfect purchase.

The word applique comes from the french term appliquer, which means “attach”. This makes sense given that the basic concept of applique is to attach fabrics of various shapes and patterns to a larger piece. This practice is nearly as old as embroidery itself, and many different traditions and techniques have been passed down through the generations. In sewing, for example, there is a specific needlework technique for applique large pieces such as banners or tapestries. Applique is also widely used in quilting, and many traditions from around the world feature it prominently in their work.

No One Does Custom Applique Embroidery Better Than EPCOT Digitizing!

Epcot Digitizing was one of the first companies in the United States to provide applique digitizing services. For many decades, we have been a leading company that has provided amazing, highly reliable, and affordable services to national and international clients. Our command of all aspects of digitizing services, including embroidery digitizing, custom logo digitizing, cap digitizing, 3D puff digitizing, 3D applique embroidery designs, and much more, distinguishes us.

Caps and Hats with No Structure Digitizing

Unstructured caps and hats are those with five panels. Because the frame of caps or hats precisely fits the frame, digitizing unstructured caps and hats does not necessitate the use of a center-out technique. The non-stiff fabric in such caps and hats, on the other hand, necessitates more precision and adjustment during digitization.