Cap and hat digitising is a distinct and specialised field of embroidery digitising services that is currently in high demand. The process’s complexity necessitates highly skilled and experienced digitizers to ensure stitch precision and a refined final product, as even the slightest lapse on the part of digitizers can result in a complete redo of the project. You will find a high-quality cap digitising service here that will keep you coming back for more.

Based on the structure, there are two broad categories of cap and hat digitising services: structured cap & hats and unstructured cap & hats. Both offer a wide variety of embroidery designs for caps.

Digitizing Structured Cap and Hat

Six-panel caps are referred to as structured caps and hats. However, if you want to see embroidery on hats, please contact one of our support agents. Starting from the bottom up and from the middle to the far ends are two important digitising considerations for structured caps and hats. This technique is also known as a centre out technique because of the steps involved in digitising.

Caps and Hats with No Structure Digitizing

Unstructured caps and hats are those with five panels. Because the frame of caps or hats precisely fits the frame, digitising unstructured caps and hats does not necessitate the use of a center-out technique. The non-stiff fabric in such caps and hats, on the other hand, necessitates more precision and adjustment during digitization.