Epcot Digitizing Service is a professional embroidery digitizing company based that has been providing digitizing services for over 10 years. Since many years, we have had countless satisfied customers and clients from all over the world who rely on our experienced and professional embroidery digitizing service. Our top priority is to provide the best embroidery digitizing service and complete clients’ digitize orders on time, which is the foundation of our digitizing company’s success. Our success is solely dependent on the quality of our digitizing work, which will also aid in the development of our clients’ businesses.


Logo Digitizing

Epcot digitizing provides high-quality professional digitizing solutions for all types of fabrics and textures to all businesses and industries. We ...
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Custom Digitizing

Can you tell what custom digitising is just by looking at the word? Custom digitising has everything a digitization company ...
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Left Chest Digitizing

Those who spend the majority of their time in the corporate world understand the value and importance of having a ...
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Jacket Back Digitizing

Epcot Digitizing provides a wide range of digitising services, including:
  • Vectorizing Bitmap images
  • Jacket Back Digitizing
  • Complex Digitizing
  • Embroidery ...
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3D / Puff Digitizing

We Do 3D/Puff Digitizing Better Than Most! Epcot Digitizing takes pride in providing the highest quality 3D puff digitizing services ...
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Cap Digitizing

Cap and hat digitising is a distinct and specialised field of embroidery digitising services that is currently in high demand ...
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Applique Digitizing

Applique digitizing is a fantastic technique for adding uniqueness and elegance to garments. It is one of the most popular ...
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Embroidery Digitizing

As a leading creative service agency providing services for companies engaged in embroidery and print in the US and Europe ...
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